Creating opportunities for all children

In Scouting, one of our priorities is to reach out to young people in all neighborhoods so all kids – no matter their origin or circumstances can experience the life changing adventures, lessons, and friendships that Scouting has to offer. We know we haven’t reached everyone. But we do know from research by Baylor University that those we have reached who earn the top rank of our program – Eagle Scout – have a stronger sense of community spirit, dedication to family, and ability to lead, among other positive traits.

That’s why coverage of a recent study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation caught my attention. The study’s findings suggest that in every region of America, white and Asian children are far better positioned for success than African-American, Latino, and American Indian children.

The attention on this topic reminds us that in communities across America, we all have work to do. In each community, we can do a better job of reaching youth from all cultures so they can experience all that Scouting has to offer. We must remain diligent in that mission.

I’m encouraged by recent efforts to reach kids in underserved areas. For example, our Blue Ridge Mountain Council’s “Soccer and Scouting” program, an initiative designed to attract more Hispanic youth in Roanoke, VA, to Scouting, leverages a sport popular in Spanish-speaking countries. And in Buffalo, NY, our Greater Niagara Council is bridging the gap to African-American young men in its inner city neighborhoods through an urban camping program. Read more »

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From the mouths of Cubs

It’s important to the sustainability of Scouting to continue to build membership from the youngest members of our organization, our Cub Scouts. It’s exciting to watch parent volunteers also take part in Scouting for the first time and work with these young boys as they progress along the Scouting trail to hopefully earn their Eagle badge someday.

Along the way, they share the excitement of their Scouting experiences with classmates and other peer groups, helping us to deliver a quality experience with even more young people across the nation. That’s how we grow.

To illustrate the importance of bringing Scouts along at a young age and how much they can learn and do in a short period of time, I’d like to share this letter to the editor from a Cub Scout representing his pack in Topeka, Kansas:

Letter: Join the Boy Scouts

We are scouts from Den 1 Pack 246 out of Most Pure Heart of Mary. We are writing to encourage people to join scouting. Scouting has been alive for 104 years. Our pack has dwindled in size, and we want more boys to join and share in our fun.

Scouting is an opportunity to try new activities and sports. Two of our favorite activities are learning to safely shoot and handle a BB gun and a bow and arrow. We enjoy earning our belt loops and patches as rewards for successfully completing the requirements. Read more »

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Going the extra mile

Eagle Scouts represent the best Scouting has to offer in terms of demonstrating strong character, leadership, citizenship, and values. Their commitment to keeping our communities strong often goes well into their adult lives. We are proud of the contributions they continue to make for our mission to provide a quality Scouting experience for our young people.

So when I see a Scouting unit going above and beyond to help an Eagle Scout who earned Scouting’s top rank a half century ago, I think it’s a great story to share.

Alan Kernodle of Los Alamos, New Mexico, received his Eagle Award in 1964. Unfortunately, fire destroyed his Eagle certificate, badge and other Scouting awards three years ago.

A local Scoutmaster, Jim Cobble, learned of Kernolde’s loss. He researched Scout records with the help of the Great Southwest Council and was able to track down documentation of Kernodle’s Eagle Award that was presented on Dec. 28, 1964.

Scout Executive Chris Shelby pitched in and located a 1964 Eagle Badge on eBay. Together with his other Scouting badges and awards, Kernodle was presented his Eagle Award March 11th. Read more »

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